Green Bedding from FAN Separator

"Green Bedding" Separator - The Optimal Bedding Solution

FAN Separator GmbH, a subsidiary of Bauer, develops innovative solutions in separator design for different market applications. The primary function is to separate the liquid from slurry to optimise the Dry Matter content of the fibre.

Maintaining a consistent output of suitable DM material is an essential part of the production of high quality dairy cow bedding material.

To meet this specific market FAN has launched the "Green Bedding" separator. "Green Bedding" used in the US and numerous EEC countries and is currently enjoying a growth in popularity and importance. Its proven over the past few years that the green bedding process does not negatively influence cell count or mastitis levels when compared to other bedding materials. The FAN Green Bedding Separator has perfectly matched the requirements of the green bedding user with this new Green Bedding Separator. The separators auger was specifically developed for this purpose. The dry matter content of the solids is kept constant, and can achieve 36%. Another very positive aspect of separation is the reduction of liquid slurry storage volume and trouble-free in-field dispersal using conventional equipment & methods.

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